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WOW Talks Berkeley Chapter Launch with founder Dr Leslie Hewitt

WOW Talks Berkeley Chapter Launch has been postponed to December 18th.

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Peaceful atmosphere in the heart of North Berkeley’s renowned Gourmet Ghetto.
Wonderful neighbor for classes, event, workshops and concerts.

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We are thrilled to announce the expansion of YogaKula Wellness Community!
Rooms for rent are available for health practitioners.

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New Year’s Day Class with Kimber

Join Kimber for this revitalizing morning of movement and insight. All levels, family and friends are welcome!

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Restorative Yoga – Tuesdays and Fridays

Tuesdays • 7:30pm – 9pm
Fridays • 6pm – 7:30pm

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Free Your Voice: Sounding and Visioning the New Year

Sing, sound, and speak your truth with more confidence and freedom!

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What is Your Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type? And why does it matter?

Join seasoned Ayurvedic Practitioner, Bonita Carol in a lively discussion on how the five elements such as earth water, fire, air, and space manifest in the physical and emotional body.

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Neurobhavana: Cultivating the End of the Causes of Craving

The Buddha explored the mental causes of suffering and happiness. Now, 2500 years later, we are learning about neural causes of these mental factors.

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Ongoing Sustainable Wellness Series

Sustainable Wellness Series
Every Other Thursday • 7:30pm – 9pm

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Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes are an invaluable tool for students of all levels and experience. They provide the perfect setting to address your goals and work on areas of individual interest.

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Women’s Health & Yoga Workshop with Sara Gottfried, MD & Robin Saraswati Markus, DAOM (VOD)

Watch the recorded version of the Women’s Health Yoga Workshop with Sara Gottfried, MD & Robin Saraswati Markus, DAOM on YogaKula Pay-Per-View at your convenience*

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Awakening Somatic Intelligence: The Art and Practice of Embodied Mindfulness with Risa Kaparo (VOD)

Watch this enlightening event from your home computer with YogaKula Pay-Per-View at your convenience*

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Chakra Awakening Instensive – With Anodea Judith (VOD)

JOURNEY THROUGH THE CHAKRAS: A Seven Month Intensive to Change Yourself and Your World Watch the recorded sessions of the Chakra Awakening Intensive with chakra master Anodea Judith on YogaKula Video On Demand. Cost: $40 per video or $285 for the whole package which includes Chakra 1-7 Duration: Aprox 1.5 Hours *Please note YogaKula VOD events will be » Read More

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Fierce Medicine: Medicine Woman Meets Medicine Woman with Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD & Ana Forrest (VOD)

In case you missed the wonderful Fierce Medicine Workshop with Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD and Ana Forrest, you can now watch it from your home computer at your convenience on YogaKula Pay-Per-View*

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Welcome to YogaKula

Yogakula is a a studio where everyone is welcome. More than a yoga studio, YogaKula is a Wellness Center that offers a diverse range of services, intended to nurture your soul, strengthen your body and bring balance into your life.  Our teachers, facilitators and therapists share a diverse knowledge base, masterful skills and honest passion for building a healthy and happy world. We offer an abundance of classes, workshops and in-depth training programs, provide revitalizing spa therapies and Integrative Medicine Consultation, and host of community gatherings.

Yoga ‘to unite’ + Kula ‘community or school’


Noah Maze’s Weekend Yoga Intensive at YogaKula 2013

Jan 4-6, 2013 Master Yoga Teacher, Noah Maze instructs yoga workshops during hi weekend intensive at YogaKula. Outstanding program! © photos by Ana Grillo for YogaKula 2013


2013 YogaKula Immersion

Intro to the YogaKula with Siri Peterson. The immersion is an opportunity to discover how to let your yoga practice resonate deeply in your body and heart. Participants will receive in-depth asana instruction, explore the principles of alignment, study yogic texts, dive into meditation and chanting, and connect profoundly with their own fullness of being, » Read More

YogaKula Blog

lindsey morriss

Dancing Freedom: Is Dance the New Yoga?

If you weren’t one of the throngs of people who grooved out with Samantha Sweetwater and her Dancing Freedom ™ workshop last Sunday at Yogakula Berkeley, you haven’t missed your chance to dance. Every Monday night our newest addition to Yogakula, Lindsey Morriss, will be teaching Dancing Freedom ™ from 7:30 until 9:00 p.m. Yogakula sat down » Read More

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Beat the Afternoon Slump and Reset your System

Tired of slogging down lattes to beat the midday slump? Maybe you don’t just need more sleep. Maybe you need better nutrition or a food-based detox to reset your system. Join Dawn Preisendorf, who is an MA as well as nutritionist and health coach, Monday March 17 from 7:30-9:00. She will be talking about energy, » Read More

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Eight Reasons to Take Yoga Immersion in 2014

Yoga Kula’s 2014 Immersion starts soon and there are great reasons to sign up like opportunities to explore your practice, meet like-minded yogis just as passionate as you or start your teacher training, to name a few. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason not to reserve your spot. Still considering? Here are eight more: » Read More

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This Wednesday night at Yoga Kula—Rewire Your Brain to Be More Resilient and Compassionate!

This Wednesday from 7:30-9:00 p.m. Yoga Kula is excited to host Linda Graham, an MFT, psychotherapist and meditation teacher who specializes in rewiring our mind’s coping mechanisms based on the principle of neuroplasticity—the fact that our brains are not static organs but change throughout our lives and can be actively rewired by us. Why? Because life » Read More

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We’ve recently updated our LiveStreaming and Video On Demand to YKO – YogaKula Online, you can now more easily find all of your videos and LiveStreams in one place. Make sure to check it out at        

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Turn Your Thinking Upside Down By Pema Chödrön

We base our lives on seeking happiness and avoiding suffering, but the best thing we can do for ourselves—and for the planet—is to turn this whole way of thinking upside down. Pema Chödrön shows us Buddhism’s radical side. Great article by Pema Chödrön on Shambala Sun’s site, read it here:

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Treat it with care.


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