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Community Yoga for All Ages


Yoga means ‘connection’ in Sanskrit. In this fun community class with our experienced instructor Suzanne Zuber, kids, teens, and adults can connect and calm the busy mind and body with breath, movement, and mindfulness techniques.

This class provides an encouraging and warmhearted environment to explore yoga poses, breath work, and meditation. Class includes optional partner exercises to inspire balance, coordination, and trust. Basic anatomy, demonstrated by our in-house skeleton, provides tools to self-treat common aches caused by stress and one-sided movement patterns at school and work.

Besides developing general awareness, strength, and flexibility, yogis and yoginis will encounter metaphors, myths, and the occasional music mantra to help inspire ‘aha moments’ on the mat and in daily life.

About the teacher:

Suzanne Zuber is a European-American yoga instructor, art historian, and mom of two hella-precious kid yoginis. She is certified with Yoga Alliance at the advanced level (RYT 500). Suzanne’s classes are informed by her deep study of asana, anatomy, physical therapy, and Yoga philosophy. She teaches private and public Hatha and Vinyasa classes, workshops, and retreats in the Bay Area, and has taught at various studios Sweden and Germany. She currently runs the youth yoga program at the East Bay German International School (Emeryville).

Price: Donation Class : $10-$15 for adults, Child and Teen: $8

For more information on Suzanne’s adult and kids Yoga, go to and 


“Yoga makes me feel calm and stretched. My favorite thing is Yoga-Tag, Savasana (resting pose), and Sun Salutation a.”  Kid-Yogini, age 10

“I like yoga. We get to stretch, and we hear stories, and then we get to rest. I love learning poses and then I know how to do them at home!! I also love when we get to make up our own poses.”  Kid-Yogini, age 8

“Suzanne always asks about students’ needs (in body & mind) and adjusts the class to meet those needs. Her deep knowledge and experience allow her to be spontaneous — it’s quite amazing! She gives lots of options, but encourages us all to do things (safely) that we wouldn’t have thought possible. And, Suzanne’s classes are FUN, thanks to her friendly and funny personality” – Adult student





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Our body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening.

Treat it with care.


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