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Dancing Freedom: Moving at the Point of Practice. Dance into a Bigger Life with Samantha Sweetwater – March 30


Our lives expand or contract in direct proportion to our willingness to meet and move into to our authentic experience.  How do you respond at the point of practice? How do you engage choice and grace in moments of change, challenge and opportunity? In this afternoon of Dancing Freedom, we will use movement as medicine to explore where we contract, shut down or armor ourselves in order to keep safe. We will dare greatly to meet our selves and with curiosity, honesty, elevation and compassion. Through this, we will expand our availability to life, to love and to creativity. Together, we will dance into the Bigger Life that is waiting for each of us when we fully embrace and consciously respond to what is.

Dancing Freedom is movement as medicine.  

It is a sacred practice and sanctuary for community to sweat, pray, play, process and celebrate together through the medicines of movement, music, mindfulness and conscious communication. It is a safe space where both men and women are welcome to explore and express body, heart and soul authentically to come into more conscious, joyful, creative and whole connection with our challenging and beautiful lives. Both men and women are welcome and encouraged to attend – all bodies, all abilities, all backgrounds. The practice supports physical fitness, emotional and spiritual healing, personal development and creating and sustaining healthy relationships.

Why come?

• You will have fun
• You’ll be offered a potent yet playful opportunity to fully express all aspects of yourself
• You”ll be in a safe space to feel all your feelings and to befriend your core issues
• You’ll connect with yourself, friends, community and the earth in a new way
• You’ll get to sweat and move your body freely at the same time as you expand your
awareness, elevate your energy and increase vitality
• You may experience physical, emotional or spiritual healing or insight


Samantha Sweetwater
internationally loved for her infectious capacity to initiate laughter, tears and soul-level transformation, Samantha’s mission is to ignite a passionate, co-creative movement of regenerative culture – one dance, one heart, one relationship, one community, one business, at a time.  As the Founder of Dancing Freedom, she has taught on 5 continents, founded the PeaceBody School in Japan, and trained over 140 people in the Dancing Freedom methodology who now teach in communities globally. She brings 25+ years of experience as a dancer, choreographer, social entrepreneur, community organizer and coach to her ministry and facilitation, creating participatory and deeply healing experiences where people feel welcome, safe and free to live, love, lead and express as their authentic selves.

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Date: Sunday, March 30

Time: 3:30pm – 6pm
Cost: $24

To register call 510-486-0264 or






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Our body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening.

Treat it with care.


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