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Events at YogaKula

Unconditional Self-love Through the Lens of Yoga and Ayurveda



Come and join your community in honoring Yourself as we embark together on the healing journey of Self Love!

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important of them all! It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life’s expectations that we typically end up feeling physically depleted and emotionally drained. In a world that expects so much of our time, we tend to leave Self-Care at the bottom of our to-do list.

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Spring Sound Renewal: Restorative Intensive with Live Sound



Attune with the gentle, nurturing energy of Spring during this special restorative yoga intensive with a live mediative soundscape of six quartz crystal singing bowls and specially tuned gongs.

Be led into the balance, fragrance, growth and wonder of Spring through specially selected restorative poses and sounds specific to the energy of the equinox.

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Yoga Retreat at Green Gulch Zen Center



This day-long event will be held at Green Gulch Retreat Center. Located in Muir Beach, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Green Gulch farm is nestled in a secluded valley that opens to the endless Pacific Ocean.

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Beyond the Sixpack: Finding and Using your Deep Core

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We all need upper body strength for everyday activities like picking up the kids, carrying the groceries, moving furniture, or reaching for that item on the top shelf. If you want to build upper body strength, strong deep-abdominal muscles are the ticket.This workshop will offer tips and tricks to move beyond our ‘sixpack abs’ in order to access the incredibly strong layers of our deep core muscles while building upper body strength along the way.

This upbeat, hands-on class will use physical therapy and breath work to unlock the healing potential of the core in classical yoga postures. We will move, breathe and sweat as we fire up the abdomen and flow into strength building asanas. We will also use this core work to stabilize the spine and SI joints in backbends and twists.

This course is suitable for all levels. Modifications and variations will be given along the way



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300 hr Teacher Training


The  300HR Advanced Anusara Teacher Training at Yoga Kula is a one of a kind program designed to offer you a creative and in-depth advanced teacher training curriculum based on your particular teaching focus. Broken into various tracks, you can piece together a specialized curriculum that fits your unique skills, passions and interests.

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