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The Keys to Deepening your Yoga Practice


Saturday, January 13  •  3pm – 5:30pm   Standing Poses

Saturday, February 10   •   12pm – 2:30pm  •   Forward Bends + Twists

Saturday, March 17  •  12pm – 2:30pm   •   Inversions + Back bends

Join us in exploring alignment principles to find more space, depth, softness, strength and expansion. As we learn to unwind and expand into our bodies, we will also learn how to cultivate and manage our emotional landscape, helping us to connect more fully to our deeper selves.Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The yoga principles of alignment.
  • How to apply these principles to different poses.
  • Pose specific bio-mechanics that allow you to unlock the power of the pose and to optimally strengthen and open your body and mind.
  • Move safely to more deeper poses
    Once you become familiar with the Principles of Alignment, you’ll be able to use and apply them in any yoga pose, to deepen and refine your practice. You also will be ready to work on more advanced poses.


$25 (7 days in advance) or $35 (at door.)

All 3 workshops $60

We hope you can join us for all three workshops and or its fine to do each one individually.

The series includes three workshops dedicated to different classes of poses:

1) Standing / Balancing Poses [foot, knee and hip alignment, leg openers and strengtheners]
2) Forward bends / Backbends / Twists [hip openers, hamstring work, core work]
3) Arm balances / Inversions [shoulder openers/strengtheners, neck alignment, arm strength]




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Our body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening.

Treat it with care.


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