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Mindfulness Embodied


What does it mean to be mindful — is it simply noticing whatever arises?

If you ask a Buddhist, the answer is yes and also no. Mindfulness without kindness, openness and curiosity is just concentration and although concentration holds many benefits, it doesn’t relieve stress, suffering or usually open the door to compassion for oneself or others.

Mindfulness can be in the service of insight, compassion and profound wisdom if we practice with that intention and view.

This introduction to mindfulness will include entering the practice with kindness, and an open, curious and generous view of our mind and what comes into our awareness.

We’ll engage and rest into the present moment through the doors of both the mind and the body. Mindfulness of the body practices will be offered as a vehicle to settle the mind, and be more at ease with whatever arises, and passes away.

Open to any level of practice from absolute beginner to years of mindfulness practice.

Cost: $30 before May 21st / $35 day of





About the instructor:

Jill Satterfield is an international mindfulness and meditation teacher, wellness program director, speaker and coach. Jill’s integration of mindfulness andembodiment practices include yoga, yoga therapy and contemplative psychology. She has been in the field of integrative healthcare for over 35 years. This dedication to health and wellness was born from having lived through (and thrived from) multiple surgeries and years of chronic pain. Jill’s direct and hard won experiences have come from intimately knowing illness and pain, sitting over 150 silent meditation retreats and having worked on the front lines of at risk and in need communities for decades.

Jill is the founder of Vajra Yoga + Meditation, a synthesis of meditation and mindfulness of the body practices from the Buddhist tradition. Named “one of the 4 leading yoga and Buddhist teachers in the country” by Shambhala Sun Magazine.

Jill is also the founder of the School for Compassionate Action: Meditation, Yoga and Educational Support for Communities in Need. SCA trains nurses, physicians, substance abuse counselors, social workers, psychologists, meditation, yoga and school teachers how mindfulness may best apply to: people in chronic pain and illness, those suffering from PTSD, addictions of all kinds, and at- risk youth. SCA also provides workshops on self -regulation, compassion and grief relief to best prepare and maintain good health, longevity and sanity to healthcare providers.

Jill is a founding faculty member of Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Mindful Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training, a guest of UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center trainings, the Somatic Yoga Therapy Training in Marin California, and many others. Jill was scholar and teacher in residence at the Kripalu Center in 2004. With her teacher Ajahn Amaro, Jill was the first to bring mindful yoga onto silent meditation retreats at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Insight Meditation Society over 20 years ago. She recently completed the Sati Center’s Buddhist Chaplaincy Training.

She has been featured in the New York Times, More, Crains, Yoga Journal, UK’s Yoga Magazine, Happinez NL/FR, Tricycle Magazine, Shambhala Sun amongst others. She contributed to the book “ Freeing the Body: Freeing the Mind” by Michael Stone, and is currently composing her own book.



Our body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening.

Treat it with care.


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