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The Sounds of Kundalini


We apologize for any inconvenience, but the Sounds of Kundalini has been postponed until further notice and will not have additional sessions in August.



Based on 9 Years of Research into Source Tantric Texts (600-1500 A.D.) ~

“The Wise know that these six seed mantras are the very heart ofour embodied Yoga, for when they are engaged in the proper sequence, they purify the doshas, and have the power to eradicate Death.”

–Varahi Tantr a, source text on Hatha Yoga (unpublished, trans. By CT)

In this special series, for the firs time, Christopher will reveal the six (correct) Bīja or ‘Seed’ Mantras originally applied to the Chakras in daily Yoga practice before they were mistakenly presented to the West nearly 99 years ago as‘lam, vam, ram, yam, and ham.’

Kundalini Ucchara (‘Utterance’) Practice:

In each session, Students will be led through a simple version forgotten daily yoga practice originally applied to the Chakras. This vernerated core practice of Tantric Yoga engages the Chakra seed mantras, each an inflection of Kundalini Shakti, in a specific sequence (vinyasa). Our practice will include the three-part pranayama technique, mudras, and meditations originally prescribed for this practice.


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About Christopher Tompkins:

Christopher presents on the history, roots, and evolution of the Yoga Tradition in India and specializes on the lost practices of Hatha Yoga in the Tantric traditions. He holds advanced degrees in Sanskrit and Religious Studies from Harvard and UC Berkeley, where he currently teaches. He has presented to thousands of Yoga students worldwide in Yoga-based events, conferences, and teacher trainings.




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