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Restorative Facials

We offer relaxing and rejuvenating holistic facials that help keep your skin youthful, healthy and radiant. Our facial products contain natural, herbal, homeopathic and cutting-edge skin care ingredients to revitalize and renew the skin. YogaKula practitioners use only the most natural, organic and vegan products in their services. All facials utilize steam, followed by extractions and cleansing, with a variety of masks, treatments, serums, moisturizers and hydrosols, depending upon the skin type and condition.

Deep Cleanse Facial
This deeply cleansing and healing facial pulls out toxins from deep with skin layers. We use deep steam and complete extractions to get a fresh start. Then we use products that heal acne, prevent outbreaks, as well as reducing redness and inflammation. Great  for oily, problem skin or skin that just needs a fresh start.
Anti-Aging Facial
This time stopping facial works into the layers of skin to rebuild the cellular network while re-boosting the skin’s natural restorative abilities. Plumps, hydrates and fills in fine lines.
Deep Moisture Facial
This rich and nourishing facial utilizes products that deeply penetrate skin surface to restore natural moisture balance and to soothe and protect tired, dry skin.
Ultra Hydration Facial
This penetrating facial deeply hydrates, heals, and tones thirsty skin. The humectant properties of the products draw in moisture and lock it deep within the skin to plump and repair without the use of oils. Great for normal or combination skin.
Sensitive Skin Facial
Utilizing gentle, anti-inflammatory products, this treatment cleanses, tones, hydrates and nourishes sensitive skin without harsh peels or abrasives.

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Facial Fees

  • 1 hr for $75
  • 1.5 hr for $100

Facial Packages

  • Four 1-hour sessions for $280
  • Four 1.5-hour sessions for $380

Additional Services

  • Aromatherapy • Organic essential oils are blended in treatment to balance and awaken your senses. These oils and natural plant hydrosols can be requested in your YogaKula spa treatment. • $10
  • Hot Stone Therapy • Profoundly relaxing! Encourages the whole body to surrender. The muscles are so relaxed from the deep heat that is transferred in the massage. Our hands become the rocks. This is a wonderful treatment after stretching or intense workout. Aromatherapy included. • $10

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Prema Organics Natural Skincare

We are excited to introduce Prema Organics natural skincare. Keep your skin youthful, healthy and radiant. All our products contain natural, herbal and homeopathic ingredients to revitalize and renew the skin. Prema Organic skincare products contain the highest possible levels of all-natural organically grown herbs, fruits and vegetables, and are made using the most recent “cutting edge” research and advancements in the cosmetic industry. Our products include the most luxurious ingredients available, and are made in the most innovative and effective way. Our products are delivered from mild botanicals, combined with organic herbal extracts and essential oils to provide deep cleansing and antibacterial action, leaving your skin in perfect balance. Our toners are alcohol free botanical mists, including organically pure hyrosols or complex antioxidant, enzyme and mineral elixirs. Our products are created in a way that honors and respects nature. We strive to keep a balance between our way of living and sustaining and nourishing our environment. Products are available to purchase online or call 510-486-0264 or stop by our YogaKula Berkeley location to try them out for yourself in person.

Prema Organic’s Specials

Please check out our 20% off sale on all our Prema Organic Skincare products at the YKBK store. location.button.bk

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Our Skincare Product Menu

Available from the YogaKula store Regular prices listed below

  • Aloe Cleanser • $18
  • Rejuvenating Cleanser • $18
  • Restorative Moisturizer • $22
  • Oil-Free Moisturizer • $25
  • Lavender Toner • $18
  • Orange Blossom Toner • $18
  • Rose Toner • $20
  • Lemon Oat Exfoliant • $18
  • Rosewater Mist • $18
  • Aloe Serum • $22
  • Liposome Serum • $22
  • Hydrating Rose Mask • $20
  • Purifying Mask • $20


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Allana Beauchamp

Allana Beauchamp has enjoyed over 25 years as a Aesthetician and Holistic Health Educator in Clinical Skin Cate Nutrition and Culinary Arts. She is a certified Massage Therapist and skilled in Hot Stone Massage & Aromatherapy, also incorporating  her skills and knowledge as a Clinical Herbologist. Skin treatments with Allana will leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted. In her customized Facials, she offers a Dermal evaluation upon which she is able to determine the appropriate treatment. This may include: deep facial cleansing with extractions, Aromatherapy, a hot back pack for deep muscle relaxation, appropriate serums, masks & moisture replenishments, hand, shoulder, neck & scalp massages are also offered to deeply relax the body, mind and spirit. After your customized Facial, you will leave with radiant, rejuvenated skin and a soothed soul.

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Our body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening.

Treat it with care.


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