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Tibetan Yoga Workshop with Lama Norbu

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Tibetan yoga is an ancient powerful purification practice, taking one beyond limitations and beliefs and helping to break through perceived barriers with love. Students will be led through specific asanas and breathing practices, using Mudra, Mantra, and Yantra to balance the five elements of the body – fire, earth, water, wind and space.  The mystical practice of Tibetan yoga is known to awaken the intrinsic abilities of the human body, as those exhibited by Tibetan Monks meditating for hours in the snow, wearing nothing but thin robes. No prior yoga experience necessary.

About Lama Norbu:


Lama Norbu is a master of Tibetan Yoga and a traditionally trained Buddhist teacher. During his 20 years of monastery life, he was blessed to study both Sutras and Tantras with many renowned teachers. Having mastered his studies, he was selected to represent his monastery abroad, and spent several years teaching spirituality in Taiwan, Singapore, and other countries. In 2001 Lama Norbu was invited to teach in the US, where he has since settled down. Through his own extensive yoga practice, Lama Norbu has experienced extraordinary benefits. Guided by these experiences, and with the blessing of his guru, Lama Norbu now makes the ancient art of Tibetan Yoga accessible to a wide audience with a clear and easy-to-practice method. Lama Norbu has dedicated his life to sharing the treasure of Tibetan Yoga, offering this powerfully transformative teaching to all who wish to live happy and healthy lives.
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