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Avahana: The Descent of Kundalini Shakti ~ Special 4-Week Series

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Join us for a visual journey through the Tantric Subtle Body and the forgotten Matriarchal Roots of Tantric Yoga

In this groundbreaking visual series, Christopher will present a sneak preview of his nine years of dissertation research into Kundalini and Tantric  roots of Hatha yoga, drawn from dozens of un-published Tantric texts.

This series will be a visual journey, taken through four ‘Chakra Scrolls’ which present Kundalini in its original context – as an *active* power that descends from the crown Chakra to ‘liberate yogins’ from all suffering.

Avahana means ‘Summoning’ or  ‘Invitation.’ We will learn how this pan-Tantric rite, later removed from the patriarchal ‘Hathayoga’ manuals, was one of inviting the Highest Shakti, located in her ‘coiled’ form (Kundalini) within the crown lotus (Sahasrara), into the body as sonic power of  liberation.

Special Offering – For the first time in the West, all students of this series will be introduced to the previously forgotten ‘Chakra Invocations,’ a series of Mantra blessings individually prescribed for each chakra and engaged at the start of daily practice. 

Topics Include:

I. From Womb to Womb – the Re-birth of Shakti as the ‘Coiled Power’ (Part I) 

In this opening session, students will be introduced to the pan-Tantric, Matriarchal-based Chakra system before it was altered into the adulterated version we have inherited, one which falsely depicts Kundalini, once the sonic force latent within the breath, dormant at the base of the spine.

II. Defining ‘Kundalini’ – the ‘Song’ (Gayatri) of the Soul.

‘Kundalini’ is just one of the epithets given in our Chakra Scrolls for the Highest Shakti to be engaged in daily Yoga practice. We will learn how the term ‘Coiled,’ (kundalini)  was originally used interchangeably with Gayatri, another feminine term, to venerate the movements of Shakti as the maternal ‘power’ who ‘bears prana’ (prana-dharini) throughout the body.

III. The Yoni Chakra – Embracing the ‘Descent’ of Shakti into the Body Temple

In this session, students will be given a visual introduction  to the Tantric rite of Avahana (above), in which the descending power of  of Kundalini was drawn into the body into the temple of the subtle body for yoga practice (later removed in the Hathayoga texts).

IV. Ritual Night – The Sacred Names of Kundalini Shakti (namavali) –

*  For our final session, Christopher will lead us through the ritual recitation of the 108 names of Goddess Kundalini, drawn from an unpublished Chapter of the Rudra Yamala Tantra.

This special series will include slide shows, contemplation, mantra, meditation and discussion of how to weave these teachings into your daily life.

These seminars are for:

  • Hatha yoga teachers and practitioners seeking insight into the roots of the tradition and its multiple facets.
  • Meditators and spiritual seekers interested in deepening their understanding of the ancient teachings and practices.
  • Yoga students interested in discovering more about this fascinating tradition.
  • Anyone interested in the philosophy, culture, and spirituality of India.


Donation based classes sliding scale $17-10

Enrollment is open for all classes and all are welcome.


Tuesdays 7:00-9:00pm

June 6

June 13

June 20

June 27


About the Instructor:

Christopher presents on the history, roots, and evolution of the Yoga Tradition in India and specializes on the lost practices of Hatha Yoga in the Tantric traditions. He holds advanced degrees in Sanskrit and Religious Studies from Harvard and UC Berkeley, where he currently teaches. He has presented to thousands of Yoga students worldwide in Yoga-based events, conferences, and teacher trainings.






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